Is construction boring?  Do you find the building of home systems to be one of the topics for conversations which lead only to sleep?  I hope not, because I am a carpenter, and now I am home, and there are things to build.  I was concerned in the waning days of my European travels that I would not have anything to do once I got home.  My inclination is to forget that God has already prepared a path for me, a clear path without stone or root to trip me as I walk it.  Of course I have plenty to keep me occupied in my home town of Edgewood, Washington.


Talking to this guy, the old guy, my dad, that is one of the things on this clear path.  I would not have ever thought that living at home again would appeal to me, but it does.  In Albania the young men live at home with their parents until they are married, and then often times they do not leave, their wife simply moves in.  The family home is a sacred place where security is implied, an understanding from youth, an unalterable.