The following is a train of thought, and that is all.  There is a restlessness in my mind.  Can restlessness exist anywhere else?  Is it possible to be restless in body, while the mind yet sleeps?  Can someone who has lost the function of their brain become restless?  No.  So, I could simply state that I am restless.  Yet, I feel it is important to say that I am restless in my mind.  My mind is unsettled, my mind is buzzing with thoughts, my mind is excited, my mind is a nest of humble insects under threat from an unidentified source of discord to the hive.  


I sat down this afternoon to compose my first post in many days, and I wanted to write about the beauty of this season in the Balkans.  I have been in three Balkan countries over the past week, and all I see is beauty all around.  The most beautiful images I have been able to capture have been of the randomly scattered buds of wildflowers in the fields, and the blooms of a single cherry tree near the Cathedral of Saint Sava.  I know that over the course of the next month in Europe, I will have dozens and thousands of opportunities to see and enjoy all of the beauty of the world around me.  Years from now, I will try to recount the beauty of this time to my own children.  If I were a dancer, I might dance the details of these days.  How limited is English to express the miracles of God?


Blossoms seem to fall up

Cyclone drawn clear in blue

Spinning without suspension only upset

Is the slow midday wind


Fragrant stand they stand quiet

Reaching buds crowd blistered branches

Smooth like to waxed slick

Amber skin lypple-dashed dotted


Crimson under black-brushed folds

Are the stage and backdrop

Announcement of theatrics impending conceptions

Tight frame a constant venue


For the curling finger dance

Rose-rimmed and veined petals

Shortly snowing walks and fields

Forgotten but not by me



Joshua Hughes