After seeing the boys at the orphanage again on Monday, I was further moved to want to participate in the healing in their lives.  Maybe I will start writing regularly to some of them.  While in the Houston airport on my way home today, I penned the following words onto a Fernando Llort greeting card for two of the boys at the orphanage.  Samael and Vladimir are brothers.


Dear Samael and Vladimir,

Hello.  I have been blessed to meet a number of strong people in my life; people of joy, people of promise, spirit and courage.  I wanted to write and to tell both of you that you have these four qualities in abundance.  A man might live his whole life in search of what you two have while still in your youth.

I was also encouraged to see that while you both exhibit fearlessness, you use your God given characteristics to bless the people around you.  You showed respect and love to me and the people of my church family; the same respect you show to your teachers and the other children at Hogar Infantil Shalom.  A life of respect and love will open every door for you.  I also noticed how protective you are of the girls you live wit.  Protecting those women, you sisters, in one of the greatest honors and privileges a young man can participate in.  Thank you both for honoring those around you.

May God bless you both as you bless those around you.  I will keep you in my heart.  Love,

Joshua Hughes 22.Enero.2013