For the children of God to dwell together in fellowship.  Today was the first day back to school here at the college in Sauk.  The morning was spent in prayer and worship.  The rest of the day consisted of class and orientation for the students.  I didn’t know until around 11AM that I would not be needed in Fushekruje until tomorrow.  I took the spare time to rest, read and catch up on some internet communications.  


The day was far more full of interruptions than I have grown accustomed to, living alone for the past three months.  Paridi is always playing his guitar when he isn’t in class, eating or working on the computer.  We had some time to reconnect last night.  He is a good friend to me and it is good for my heart to have him back so close at hand.  This evening he came into my room playing the chords for “No woman, no cry.”  He likes to play while I make up lyrics about whatever it is I see around me.  


This evening all of the students had dinner together around 9PM.  Marinella invited me to eat with them.  Besides Paridi and Marinella there is another married couple living here now.  Erald and Jona are two of the people on staff with pastor Gezim in Durress.  Also at dinner were Hana, Etmira, and a new student by the name of Oneda.  This group of young people are so alive with laughter and friendship.  It is going to be a very good year, a very positive year here at the Bible school.