For the gift you never intended for me

I am grateful to the greatest measure

We are so proud to call your son a Hughes

He is the light of our family

A child with magic eyes and a sweet curiosity

Strong, simple, loving, lovely

How it must have broken you

To part with him

How you must have wept


I weep now

Thinking on my life had you not had him

How big that hole would be

My little brother

My only brother

The one I nearly killed a dozen times

Thank you for the gift of his life to us

The only one I will ever have

We will not forget you


Rest now raging heart

Sleep now stirred spirit

Free from the bondage of the body

Strong and willing for the Body

Heaven was made to have you

The Father’s house is ever rich

Walk on this day all in white

Run a fearless race in sky

We will join you soon


Joshua Hughes