Dear Katherine Grace,


Hello from Albania.  I decided to dedicate this puppy and a poem to you.  As my only niece I hope you know how important you are to me and since I cannot tell you in person, I am telling you this way.  Please let me know what this little beast is to be called.  You make us all very proud.  Sincerely,


Uncle Joshua


Oh, honey-haired lady

I might have said

One thousand years ago

Of course you do not know your place

It melted with the snow


For truly there were times

It seems

An angel you would make

Pressed plastic mold

In miniature

Atop white frosted cake


A running out with cocoa cream

Placed from a baker’s bag

A swirling red

A border round

An endless game of tag


Your legs tread heavy

Stuck to the knees

A going here to there

You found your place 

Vanilla lace

Ground sweet as apple-pear


I love you and I miss you all so very much.