Our meeting on Friday was successful for a number of reasons.  The work is going smoothly and according to plan and the product is pleasing to the eye of the Plagenhoefs and Fisnik, the engineer.  The work site offers physical progress in which everyone involved can take pride.  Construction is for people who need the immediate gratification of progress you can see and touch on a daily basis.  Praise was given all around, but my favorite comment came from Fisnik.  He told Kurt and Stephanie that I should get dual citizenship, that I should become an Albanian.  This is quite a turn around from a few months ago when my opinions and input counted for little.  The meeting Friday offered my first forum as one of the decision makers, which left me feeling very good.

In truth, I am pleased with how things have gone in Fushekruje.  Ervis and Sajmir have grown in their planning, implementation and leadership skills.  Fatjon is becoming a stronger worker and a more reliable translator.  Agim and Pierin can turn a shovel over in 100+ degree heat for hours at a time with smiles on their faces and an eagerness to move the job ahead.  Without these men, of course, very little would have been accomplished by me in the time that I have been here.  I am trying to think of a proper way to thank them for their spirited participation in God’s work.  Perhaps you, good reader, can offer a suggestion.

Next week I will be in Greece from Monday until Thursday for a missionary conference.  I am going to miss being on site, but I think I could use a few days away from this tiny corner of mine.  I will keep you in the loop.  Blessings