Sitting at this keypad interface I feel the need to apologize to anyone reading this.  I cannot capture any of the things that I love with words perfectly enough for you to know how it is to love them as I do.  

Nor is it possible to give you a late night

Followed by a morning start at sunrise

Two coffee mugs full of yogurt

Sweetened by the honey from a single type of Albanian wild flower

Cold water breakfast

A quick walk in the morning heat

Bus less crowded than you expected

Hurk, jerk, lurch and stop to the city center


Another quick walk, more heat

Another bus to a van filled with friendly, sturdy people

Sleep as you can in the heat in the back seat


To a place you have been before

A place with a bathroom you can trust

Double macchiato and time with the journal

Your friends gave you in El Salvador

Passing a friend on the way, you buy his coffee

He did not expect that

Now at the job site

Greeted by friends and a few acquaintences

There is a lot of crushed rock to move

Ervis has lost a family member

He and Egim will be at the funeral today

You express your grief

Wondering how anything will get done

A man named Pierin has come looking for work

Of course this is God’s hand



The end of the work day

Brings shape to some things

Tightens and sharpens the reality

What will be

What this place will look like

Your friend’s wife has prepared

A meal to prove their love for you

At the door

Remove your steel-toed boots

Roll up your Carhartts

Rinse your feet in the freshest water

Wash your face and head in it

Come inside to everything they wanted to give you


Ask for anything you like

They are honored that you feel honored

The more you take

The taller they sit in their seats

Take our fig tree’s finest fruits

To taste and to enjoy

As you leave our home

Please promise you will come back