I just turned in the last paper I need for graduation from Fuller Theological Seminary.  I think you are currently reading the ramblings of a Masters in the Arts of Theology. 


I have Giardia.  Yes, mom and dad, I am taking my medication as prescribed.  I have been reassured by the Plagenhoefs that this illness is quite common in Albania, which should make us all feel much better about me contracting it.  This is what had me in non-participation mode on Children’s Day.  Aside from the side effects of feeling like I could sleep constantly due to a higher than normal temperature, the parasite is not so terrible.  I am surprised that no one has put this little microbe in pill form to sell to Americans who are desperate to lose weight.  Over the past four days I have been avoiding most foods.  I think I may have gotten it from a common hand-washing bucket in a restaurant in Fushkruje on Wednesday.  Thankfully, my stomach still likes Snickers bars.  

Yesterday at the job-site in Fushekruje a problematic neighbor ran my crew off the job, threatening violence.  I am still trying to get a feel for the culture here.  Apparently police are the very last people you call in an instance like this.  Most conflicts are resolved by reaching out to an individual’s family.  I am respecting this tradition.

The school I am living in has all but cleared out for Summer.  After tomorrow I will be the only person living here and I don’t know what I am going to do with my free-time.  I don’t know if anyone saw my use of a hyphen in that last sentence, but you can thank my friend Cory for that.  About six of the students who will be returning next year would like to learn English, so maybe I will be able to get a class going in September.  It would be an effective outreach to involve local non-Christians as well.  It is something to think about.  See you soon.