Over the last 9 years I have connected with quite a few people in Seattle.  I have my best friend, Dave, whom I get a beer with every-other week or so.  He has been a blessing in my life since the first time I heard him preach.  I am beginning to appreciate how much I depended on having people like him in my life.  There is not a single person I can talk to here. 

Years ago it was probably far more isolating to be in my situation.  But even with access to the internet, there are only outlets for good news.  I lack even one outlet for venting frustration, or hurt, or disappointment.  I also am without a person on whom I can give an update of my life to get back an accurate reflection of what it is that is happening.  I have always struggled in my relationships with other humans.  Albania is no different.  How does the saying go?  Every fighter has a plan until he gets hit.

There is a saying here in Albanian which translates to “it is normal to be normal.”  Maybe this is the equivalent to saying “people are people.”  The human condition is universal and I am even more likely to be misunderstood in this place.  My world view is one which gives me the perception that everything is happening for a reason all of the time.  I do not understand the reason for what is happening here, over the past few days.  I would have thought that I had enough character, but God must want me to have even more.

Tomorrow I will be going to work in Fushekruje, which is a good thing.  I think that being able to focus on work and just getting things accomplished through physical activity will be good for my mind.  I am hoping for an endorphin boost or something positive being dropped into my brain naturally.  All of the comforts I have come to depend on in my life I have left in the States. 

This post is ambiguous as it has to be.  Almost everything we put on the internet is benign by necessity.  You honor me by walking with me in this time.  God bless you.