In New Orleans, even when there wasn’t a one-hundred-year storm bearing down on the paved-over swamp, hurricane season was still something to experience.  I can remember getting on my bathing suit, some disposable sneakers and a tee-shirt to head out into the flooded streets of Metairie with my roommates to wade through two feet of water washing over paved streets; the shoulders and lane-width road dividers littered with abandoned vehicles, rain pouring down around us.  That was a good time.  This rain is reminiscent of that hurricane-like rain.  Although it will only come for 30-60 minutes at a clip, Sauk is getting a thorough rinse.

One time, on the Miss Julianne, we had suspended dive operations due to lightning strikes near by.  I can still see the cabin being lit completely with a bolt so close that there was no delay between the flash and its subsequent report.  This morning while standing near a window in the common area of the school, I found myself retreating a few feet from what I witnessed happening outside.  These storms have been awesome.


The rain broke yesterday in the mid-afternoon, which was ideal.  Last night beginning at 8PM and ending a 4AM this morning was an evening of prayer, worship, and fellowship.  While heading back from Tirana with a van full of guests, we happened upon three young men from Fushkruje church.  I hopped out and walked the rest of the way with them, stopping halfway down the hill to feed Max a package of salcice.  He still doesn’t trust me.  I recall Bo, our family dog growing up, taking a long time to warm to me.  He had been abused and abandoned as well.

Tomorrow I am on the docket to give a word at the church in Durres.  I want to talk about the way we define today, and to offer the perspective that no matter which day of the week it is; today is God’s special day designed for you and I to perform our calling in His name.  Each day is crafted and shaped to give us encounters with neighbors who need reaching; with widows, orphans and strangers who need our love and attention.  Today is not the exception, today is all we have.