Today I received an email from you, B and I started to tear up.  You honor me with every key-stroke, every thought.  The truth is that without you and Anne in my life, I would have a misconception about what family is.  I’m glad Mom and Dad didn’t stop when they had me, I don’t even like to imagine that.  It would not be possible for me to accurately articulate the depth of my indebtedness to God for bringing you into my, all of our, lives.  Every day I wake up, I wake up better for having known the two of you.  In you and our sister I see the true nature of Jesus Christ.  You have a transcendent goodness, an ability to live above the confines of this life, to show love first in all situations.  I used to resent your innate wisdom, I used to be profoundly jealous of it and your ability to find happiness, whatever.  More than anything I am simply grateful to God for your undying friendship, love and loyalty.  

Would you honor me by naming my dog?  You can post it as a comment in response to this letter.  Please don’t over think it.  I’m sure your gut instinct will be the right one.  Your instincts have always been as sure as a sword of Japanese craft.  Love,