I wish you could feel what I feel right now.  There is a sensation even through my fingers of the eternality of a moment.  If we were meant for anything more than this, then I cannot fathom it.  If there is life more beautiful than this, then I have never known it.  I am certain that this memory will remain sweet in my mind like slow honey on my tongue. 

Yesterday I split a small frank in half and fed it to one of the stray dogs near the school.  I have seen him on the road between the school and Sauk Qender twenty times or more.  He is my favorite stray.  The first time I really noticed him, he and two other dogs were barking at me threateningly and appeared to be pursuing a violent confrontation, the outcome of which I was unsure.  However, upon meeting my eyes on the sidewalk he ceased barking, having also been abandoned by the other two dogs in tow.  Dogs are a real problem here, and you can hear them barking and fighting on almost a nightly basis.  This dog is about half dirty-yellow and half black.  He has lost his tail and both ears either from fights with other dogs or from intentional mutilation on the part of a former owner.  He is a good dog.  You know how you can just tell sometimes? 

If you would like to name this animal, I am up for suggestions.  I would like to think of him in the context of a personal noun and for that noun to foster a feeling of affinity with the readers of these posts.  If I have my camera next time I see him, I’ll steel his image for you.

I am sorry for writing like this.  I have been working on a paper on postmodernism and there is no escaping the tone in my mind right now.  Take care.