There is a tradition in Christianity which traces is roots back to Origen, one of the fathers of our faith.  Origen had something that we might think of as mystical perspective on scripture.  Many Christians over the centuries have tried to connect with the word of God in tangible ways.  Basil of Caesarea, and Gregory Naziansus were two men who showed an early appreciation for Origen’s work and ideas.  Naziansus later took some ideas about sanctification to their rational conclusion, stating that the highest state of a human spiritual evolution was to become God.  I’m relatively certain he meant that it was to be united with God, which may indicate how he interpreted Jesus’ path to divinity.  


In the common area tonight the students are practicing what is commonly known as Lectio Divina.  It is a practice of focusing one’s attention on a particular passage of scripture for a long period of time.  If you reread a certain scripture over and over, you will find that a certain word or phrase from that scripture will stand out to you.  According to people like Origen, that word or phrase is in effect the Bible speaking directly to you.  It is a fascinating and productive exercise.  

Today was Hana’s birthday.  She is one of the students here.  8 of us went to Tirana at the end of the day for akullore.  I had akullore mix, which is like a combination of strawberry, orange, vanilla, and some other flavors.  It was nice to enjoy the company of friends over a cool treat at the end of a hot day.  One of the students must have told a dozen jokes, all of them were very funny to everyone who speaks Albanian.  When one was explained to me, it wasn’t really worth the effort.  I’m sure you understand.

I want to invite each of you to come and serve here in the Balkans, Albania or Kosovo.  I would love to show you all that God is doing.