The taxi driver and two of his buddies ferried me to the Tunisi airport in Carthage this morning at 3:30AM.  For those of you who are sticklers for being on time for international flights, Carthage is not for you.  I am in Athens now and have purchased my bus ticket for the twelve hour journey to Tirana, beginning at 7PM on the 18th.  Athens is the first city I’ve visited where I feel uneasy since leaving Seattle.  I think crime is craft here, more than in other places, and I feel like a mark.  Athens looks the most like a city in the States, but for me its aura is off somehow.  I am probably just tired and over thinking my situation.  I am happy to be around a day away from the final leg of phase one of this trip: delivery.  It will be good to see the crew in Albania again and to start working on building those friendships.  I miss you.