Since arriving in New York two days ago, I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few people.  Most everyone seems to have a tie either to Latin America or Eastern Europe.  I met an artist named Roy who’s grandmother emigrated from Yugoslavia, and a woman named Vanessa who is ethnically Dalmatian.  They were both kind and generous to sit with me and share about their lives.  Roy prayed over me, Vanessa and I shared table at a pizza stop.  

Today I am planning to meet an Albanian waiter in Little Italy at noon.  I met him last night at dinner.  He wants to introduce me to another waiter who works near by who was a professor in Albania before immigrating to New York.  New York is one of the places that Albanians chose to settle after the fall of Communism in the Soviet Block gave the citizenry of her neighbors more life options.  

I will let you know where this leads.  Love,